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Which Central American country is famous for its coral reef, which is second in size to the Great Barrier Reef off Australia?


In August 2000, teams from Russia, Norway, and Great Britain attempted in vain to rescue the cres of a Russian submarine that sank off the north coast of Russia to the floor of which sea?


A U.S. island territory where three languages are spoken - English, Japanese, and Chamorro - has the motto "Where America's Day Begins." Name the territory.


Name the sea that was created by the spreading of the Earth's crust along the junction of the African and Arabian plates.


What is the name of Asia's largest desert, which lies mostly in Mongolia?


During the era of the Vietnam War, which major river did most refugees cross to reach safety in Thailand?


Cardiff is the capital of which of the four major political units of the United Kingdom?


Which Russian lake has more than 300 rivers emptying into it, but only the Angara flowing out of it?


The Chaco, a semiarid plain that is home largely to cattle ranchers, makes up most of the western half of which country in South America?


What is the capital city of Denmark?

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