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San jiao meridian

which meridians is most important point for treating wrist pain
san jiao 4
pathway of sanjiao meridian
start from ulnaside of ring finger,travel on middle of the yang side all the way to shoulder sanjio 14, from sanjiao 14 travel to du 14 connect with yang meridian,ascend to highest point of the shoulder,intersect with GB 21,down to ST 12,disperse at REN 17,connect with PC down through REn 12, linkiking its pathway the upper,middle, lower jiao
1 st branch of sanjiao
seperates at the Ren 17,ascend to ST 12,rise along the neck,to back of the ear,circlre behind the ear GB 11 to temples,down to cheek,intersecting at SI 18,upto inferior aspect of the eye
2 nd branch of san jiao
seperate behin the ears,entets the ears,emerges at the in front of ears,intersect the SI 19 and GB 3, cross the cheek to terminate at the san jiao 23,linking with GB 1
the collaterall of the san jiao
seperate from san jiao 5, run up to middle yang side arm to over the shoulder,converge with PC
action and indication of san jiao meridian
1 reducing fever,benefiting the ear,treating the headache,harmonizing the 3 jiao,clearing heat from the eyes
why does san jiao merridian has a action of soothing the heart,calmin the sprit
because of connection bewteen PC
which organ connects with sanjiao meridian
san jiao, pericardium,eyes,ears,diaphragm
main indication of the san jiao meridians are
disorders of head,ear,eyes chest
path way of the meridian,fever
jing well point, treat the exterior condition, restore the consciousness of the san jio meridian is
san jiao 1
location of the san jiao meridian 1
ulnar aspect of the ring finger,0.1 cun medial to the coner of the nail
action of the sanjio meridian 1
clear the heat,benefiting the ear,activate meridian,allevating pain
what is the main indication of the SJ 1
earache,headach,eyes,fever,summer heat
which meridians are all located around distal joints
SI 2, LI 2, SJ 2
which point is yuan source point
san jiao 4
whic point is luo connectiong point
san jiao 5
depression proximal to the 4 th and 5 th metacarpal bones
san jiao 3
depression on the ulnar side of the tendon of the commom extensor muscle of the finger
san jiao 4
expelling wind to relieve the exterior ssyndrome,benefing the head, ear,2 cun proximal to the dorsa crease of the
san jiao 5
benefit of 3 jiao,3 cun proximal to the dorsal crease of the wrist, bewteen radius,ulna,jing river point is
sanjiao meridian 6
xi cleft point of the sanjiao meridian
sanjiao 7
action of sanjiao meridian 7
clearing the sanjiao meridian,benefit the ears
5 cun distal to the tip of the olecranon,bewteen radius,ulna,on the line connecting SJ 4 tip of olecranon of the meridian is
san jiao 9
he sea point,mainly transforming phlegm,1 cun proximal to the olecranon
san jiao 10
mid point of line connecting SJ 11 and SJ 13, clearing heat,releving qi stagnation
san jiao 12
what is the action of the san jiao 12
clearing the heat in the sanjiao,relieving qi stagnation
what is the indication of the san jiao 12
stiffness and pain of the nape and back,pain of the shoulder and arm
which location is commly used for shoulder pain
san jiao 14
what other points are used with san jiao14 to treat the shoulder pain
LI 14, LI 15,SAN JIAO 13,SAN JIAO 14
which point is dangerous point, why
san jiao 15.risk of inducing pneumothorax
inferior to the posterior border of the mastiod process,level of the mandibular angle,posterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle
san jiao 16
what is the action of the san jiao 16
benefit head,sense organ,regulate and descending qi
what is the indication of the san jiao 16
sudden deafness,stuffy nose,pain of the eye,impaired hearing
posterior to the ear lobe, middle point between mastiod process,mandibular angle of the san jiao point is
san jiao 17
the front mu point of the san jiao point is
ren 5
what is the main indication of the san jiao 5 and san jiao 6
san jiao, 5,release the exterior syndrom,clearing heat,befit three jiao,headache,deafne s,pain of the ear,swelling and pain of the eyes,dizziness
what is the main action of the san jiao 17
deafness,tinnitus,discharge and pain of the eae,diviation of the mouth and eyes
posterior to the ear,small depression on the mastoid bone,curved line drawn fromSJ 17 to SJ 20 follwing the line of the rim of the ear
san jiao 18
posterior to the ear, in a small depression 2 third of the distance along the curved line is
san jiao 19
on the side of the head directly above the ear apex when ear is folded forwards
san jio 20
in the depression anterior the supratragic notch slightly superior to the condyloid process of the mandible directedly above the SI 19
san jiao 21
what other points are located around san jiao 21
SI 19 GB 2
0.5 cun anterior to the upper border of the roof of the ear,postrerior border of the anterior of the hair line
san jiao 22
in the depression on the supraorbital margin,at the lateral end of the eyebrow
san jiao 23
which points uses the subcuteneous insertion fro needling teq
san jiao 18, 19
which points is used for eliminating,wind,allevating pain,benefiting the eye,headache, pain of the eye,upward upward staring eyes, twiching eye lids
san jiao
what is the position of the hand for large instine meridian
palms facing each other
what is the position of the hand for small instine
palms facing each other or facing chest
what is the position of the hand for san jiao meridian
pronation of the hands