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tarsal glands

sebaceous glands associated with the hair follicle that secrete an oily substance


fibrous portion of the eye, observable as the "white of the eye"


through which light enters the eye


blood rich nutritive region containing a dark pigment that prevents light scattering within the eye


sensory layer of the eye, 2 layered, pigmented epithelium and neural layer

rods, cones

what are the two photoreceptors?

macula lutea

area of high cone density

fovea centralis

minute pit that contains mostly cones, visual acuity

tapetum lucidum

what reflects the light in the eye of animals?


the ability of the eye to focus differentially for objets of near vision

real image

the image formed in the retina


nearsightedness; correction is concave les; focus in front of the retina


farsightedness; correction convex lens; focus behind the retina


medial eye movements for near vision

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