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gold nuggets

kept in hiding by the king in order to regulate its price

Mansa Musa

famous ruler of Mali


One of the great west African trading Empires. They were rich in gold and established a vast trading network across the Sahara desert. Greatest ruler was Mansa Musa, who converted to Islam and made a famous pilgrimage.


the first West African empire based on the gold and salt trade


The three empires in Africa were Ghana, Mali, and___


a language group located on the Niger river, organized into city states, never united due to constant fighting with each other. Were famous farmers, and traders of slaves, cotton, crops, cold, salt.


West African kingdom that flourished in Nigera from the 14th to the 17th century


Foreign country with constant interference in African trade and politics


Mansa Musa created this cultural center after he went on hajj


An ancient and current east African trading city


Along with Islam and coastal cities, these revolutionized the gold salt trade

Askia Muhammed and Sunni Ali

famous rulers of the Songhai Empire


nutrient essential for human life, because of this, valuable trade item.


The slave trade increased dramatically here due to the demand for labor in the "new world"

Karl Mauch

archaeologist of The Great Zimbabwe. His work is an example of incompetent and racist scholarship.

cowrie shells

Used as money by many traders


Places where traders stopped for water


Many African lands became Muslim through this.

hunting gathering societies

Composed of small groups of people who traveled from point to point as the climate and availability of plants and animals dictated. The Efe is an example of this type of group.


famous West African mosque

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