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zumbar (v)

to buzz, hum

renovar (v)

to renew, renovate, or change

carecer de (v)

to lack something

vengativo (adj)

vindictive, vengeful

reluciente (adj)


putrefacto (adj)

rotten, putrid

mudo (adj)


justificiero (ad)


hediondo (adj)

foul-smelling, stinking

inverosímil (adj)

unlikely, implausible

deslumbrador (adj)

dazzling, stunning

benévolo (adj)

benevolent, good-natured

abominable (adj)


el paraíso (n)


el infierno (n)


el trozo (n)

the piece

el tamaño (n)

the size

el enjambre (n)

the swarm

el hedor (n)

the smell, stench

los desperdicios (n)

the waste, scraps

la carroña (n)

the carrion, flesh

el buey (n)

the ox

la bazofia (n)

the garbage, rubbish

resolver (v)

to resolve

rodar (v)

to roll

librar (v)

to free, liberate

alterar (v)

to alter, change

aprovechar (v)

to make the most of, take advantage of

destrozar (v)

to destroy

bromear (v)

to joke, make a joke

aflojar (v)

to loosen

harto (estar harto de) (v)


la pizca (n)

the bit

la facultad mental (n)

the mental faculty

el candelabro (n)

the candelabra

la bañera (n)

the bath tub

el arsénico (n)

the arsenic

el asunto (n)

the matter, affair

transcurrir (v)

to elapse

merecer (v)

to deserve

ocultar (v)

to hide, obscure

aspirar a (v)

to aspire to

difunto (adj)


complacido (adj)

pleased, content

pelado (adj)


ambicioso (adj)


las órdenes (n)

the orders

el lecho (n)

the bed

el tapiz (n)

the tapestry

la sinfonía (n)

the symphony

la raza (n)

the race

la oropéndola (n)

the golden oriole

la mitad (n)

the half

la máquina (n)

the machine

la extinción (n)

the extinction

el botón (n)

the button

las antigüedades (n)

the antiques

flamenco (adj)

flemish, flamenco

multiplicarse (v)

to be multiplied

ocurrir (v)

to occur, take place

seguir + gerundio (v)

to continue doing something

funcionar (v)

to function

bastar (v)

to suffice, to be enough

aumentar (v)

to increase, enlarge

apretar (v)

to push, press

alcanzar (v)

to reach

valiente (adj)

brave, valiant

desgarrador (adj)


el banco (n)

the bank

el telón (n)

the curtain

el disparo (n)

the shot

sentir/tener celos (v)

to be jealous, to have jealous feelings

ponerse de pie (v)

to stand up

ir en busca (v)

to go in search of

complacer (v)

to please

besar (v)

to kiss

aparentar/fingir (v)

to affect

alejarse de (v)

to move away from, go away

alimentar (v)

to nurture, cherish

adivinar (v)

to predict, foretell

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