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Wanger Chapter 6 test questions

Study cards for Chapter 6 test - the Middle Colonies
What was the geographical advantage that helped the Middle Colonies become known as the "breadbasket" colonies?
it had fertile soil
Which two colonies did the English form after taking over New Netherland?
New York and New Jersey
What does the word "refuge" mean?
a safe place
What document is an example of self-government in the Middle Colonies?
The Frame of Government of Pennsylvania
What Native American worked peacefully with William Penn?
Who was a leader of the Great Awakening?
George Whitefield or Jonathan Edwards
How did the Middle Colonies differ from the New England Colonies?
The Middle Colonies had a mix of religious groups.
How were port cities important to the economic success of the Middle Colonies?
They were major trade centers.
Why was New York City a good location for a port?
It was built at the mouth of the Hudson River, on New York Bay.
Which type of colonist would have to make an economic choice to pay to use a grist mill?
a farmer
What did Benjamin Franklin establish to protect Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania colony?
a militia
How did young colonists learn to make a living as an artisan?
they became an apprentice
How did William Penn want all colonists and Native Americans to be treated?
with justice
The fertile land, deep harbors, and mild climate of the Middle Colonies all contributed to the region's _____________.
There were thousands of these people who settled in the Middle Colonies and helped to increase the region's diversity
Name the Middle Colonies
Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey
The first Quaker colony was founded in which colony?
New Jersey
William Penn was proprietor of which two colonies?
Pennsylvania and Delaware
James, Duke of York, gave this land to John Berkley and George Carteret
New Jersey
Before its name was changed, it was the Dutch Colony of New Netherland
New York
True or False: Philadelphia grew slowly because not much was happening there.
True or False: The Middle Colonies were home to many different religions.
True or False: Dances and concerts were not popular in the Middle Colonies because most people believed they were a waste of time.
True or False:Ben Franklin lived in Philadelphia and worked to improve the city.
True or False: many immigrants to the Middle Colonies wanted the chance to make a new life and buy their own land.
True or False: The Middle Colonies imported enslaved people from England.
True or False: Whales were important to the prosperity of the Middle Colonies.
Describe four ways Benjamin Franklin helped improve life in Philadelphia.
he set up the first trained firefighting company, raised money to help build the city's first hospital, set up a militia, founded Pennsylvania's first college, and first public library
What is one right or freedom that William Penn gave colonists in Pennsylvania?
freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or the right to trial by a jury
What were some of the effects of the Great Awakening?
The Great Awakening changed religious ideas and practice, helped bring people together, led to greater religious toleration, added to the diversity of religious beliefs, and increased the free exercise of religion,renewed many people's interest in religion
What role did religion play in the founding and settlement of the Middle Colonies?
Many settlers came to the Middle Colonies because they were attracted by the religious freedom offered there. The Dutch let people of different backgrounds setttle in the colony. Quakers started colonies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to have a safe place to live and practice their religion. Religion also helped bring settlers together because it was a major part of the social life of the Middle Colonies
How did people in the Middle Colonies learn to do skilled jobs?
People in the Middle Colonies learned to do skilled jobs by becoming apprentices, living and working with artisans to learn skills.