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  1. Empowering Apprensives
  2. Self awareness
  3. Primacy Effect
  4. High level of self awareness
  5. Attribution
  1. a don't overprotect,demonstrate understaning, avoid making shy peoplethe center of attentsion
  2. b what happened first has the most impact
  3. c process by which we try to explain the motivation for a person behavior
  4. d will enable you to control your thoughts and behaviors and capitialize on your strengths and correct weakness
  5. e yourself, your phyiscal self ,personality, thoughts ,feelings , behaviors

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  1. tendency to maintain balance among perception or attitudes
  2. used to examining what you know and don't know about yourself
  3. organizated by rules, schemata,scripts
  4. fears ,anxiety or nervousness to communicate
  5. communicating with other cultures often increases uncertainty, fear, and anxiety

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  1. Self esteemyour image of who you are


  2. Perceptionthe process by which you will become aware of things in the world


  3. Self conceptyour image of who you are


  4. Recallaccess the info stored in you memory


  5. Schematainterpretations- evaluations are stored for future retrieval