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Unit 2 L6and7 quiz

What is NOT a basic right for all Englishmen?
government is a contract between the ruler and the people to be ruled
The _____________ allowed the king to only raise taxes with the consent of Parliament
Petition of Rights
The ____________ gave even more power to Parliament, and even less power to the Monarch
English Bill of Rights
The Tea Act of 1773, gave the _____________ the sole right to sell tea to the 13 colonies
East India Company
What is Parliament
the legislative body of the British government
What are the names of the two "houses" that make up Parliament?
House of Lords and House of Commons
The Magna Carta, an agreement between the nobles and the king of England, required
the king to govern according to the established RULE OF LAW
What is the correct order in feudalism ( high to low)
Royalty, Nobility, and Common people
Which document said the king could not interfere with the right to FREE SPEECH
English Bill of Rights
Which document said that, government is a contract between the ruler and the people to be ruled( if it breaks it is no longer valid)
Magna Carta
Which British law forced the colonists to house and feed British soldiers
Quartering Act
What is a representative government
when you elect a representative to serve you
What were the commitees of correspondence
they organized events, communicated what was going on in other colonies, the Sons of Liberty, and the Daughters of Liberty
The purpose of this Congress was to decide on the best response to the actions of the British governmnet
First Continental Congress
During this session of Congress the members agreed to organize the Continental army and called upon the colonists to send troops
Second Continental Congress
this group made sure each colony knew about events and opinions of all the other colonies
commitees of correspondence
Gave more power to Parliament and less to the king
English Bill of Rights
King John had to sign it, and it said that government is a contract between the ruler and the people to be ruled
Magna Carta
all subjects of the English King had certain rights such as; trial by jury, security from unlawful entry into one's home, no taxation without representation
Rights of Englishmen
taxed legal documents and anything made of paper
Stamp Act
gave the East India Company the sole right to sell tea to the colonists
Tea Act
Britain wanted to stop smuggling so they taxed items like cloth,coffee, sugar and wine
Sugar Act
allowed for British troops to be housed and fed in colonists houses
Quartering Act