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President Cleveland Where Are You? 6th grade Lit


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1. bonus
something extra
2. betrayed
let down, turned against
3. pouting
being sullen or gloomy
4. dismal
dreary, miserable, cheerless
5. sympathy
feeling of pity or compassion for another
6. Setting- of President Cleveland
The story takes place during the Great Depression in a town called Monument. The Depression was from late 1929- 1930's
7. Literary element-Voice
Voice conveys the narrator's personality to the reader.
Mood- emotional quality of the story
8. Cowboy cards-available in the 5 cents packages of bubble gum. 3 cards and one stick of gum.
Ken Maynard serial movie was playing at the Globe every Sunday afternoon. His card was the most popular cowboy card. One card was worth 10 others.
9. Rollie Tremain -had 30 cards. He guarded them jealously. He would risk his Ken card only when he felt threatened the kids would leave him out of the competition.
He was the only son of Auguste Tremain who operated the Uptown Dry Good store. Lived in a big, white birthday cake of a house. He was too fat to be effective in the football games. Always had a jingle of coins in his pocket that he bragged about. He could buy cards any time he wanted. This mad the other boys envy him.
10. Jerry would earn money dime or a nickel by....
1. running errands 2. washing windows for blind Mrs. Belander 3. finding pieces of copper, brass and other valuable metals at the dump and selling them to the junkman.
11. With the money Jerry would earn he would run to Lemire's to buy a cowboy card or two. Hoping for a Ken Maynard card.
At one time Jerry owned 5 Ken cards before he had a disastrous matching session with Roger Lussier (best friend of Jerry's) I thought I was a millionaire.
12. One afternoon Jerry spent 2 afternoons washing floors for Mrs. Belander and got 25 cents.
Jerry got money from his dad. an extra 10 cents plus, 10 cents for the movie. So, Jerry had a bonus of 35 cents . So, he planned to put Rollie Tremaine to shame. the following Monday
13. Monday morning was the best day to buy cards because the candy man stopped at Lemire's every monday morning to deliver new stuff.
Armond- Jerry's brother, he was 14 years old, freshman at Monument High School. He acted older now. Almost like a parent. He was the oldest son.
14. Armond wanted Jerry to chip in and give him money for Pa's bday gift.
Jerry handed Armond a nickel. Rita gave 15 cents and Armond gave 25 cents. Jerry didn't like it because he wanted to use his money to get cards that afternoon.
Armond asked for more-Jerry gave him another dime.
15. Jerry's dad- huge man, believed in the spirits, was a drinker, worked at the monument comb shop( factory) since he was 14 yrs old, had a booming laugh, liked to talk and was a steady worker.
Jerry's twin sisters- Yonlande and Yvette- their dad bought them a piano and they had lessons once a week.
16. Jerry had 20 cents left to buy cards now. Armond was thankful.
When jerry reached the store Roger lussier and Rollie tremaine were there. Roger said save your money. The company is not making those cards any more.
17. A sign in the window said... attention/boys watch for a new series Presidents of the United States. Free in each 5 cent Package of Caramel Chew.
Collect a complete set and receive an Official Imitation Major League Baseball Glove, embossed with Lefty Grove's Autograph. Jerry was not excited.
18. Jerry didn't want the presidents cards. Jerry felt so bad now. He thought of how he betrayed his brother and worst of all his father
Jerry raced home he felt so quilty to find his brother and sisters. It was to late they bought the blue tie already. His brother said. Its alright maybe you learned something.
19. Jerry bought the presidents cards and he became an expert at knowing all the facts about them because he read them so much. Sister Angela could not believe it either. She was a tough teacher who never gave out A's.
The President cards were a success and the cowboy cards were soon forgotten.
Why did the kids like the cards.
1. the cards came with a stick of chewy caramel that could be tucked away in the back of your mouth like chewing tobacco.
2. the competition for collecting the cards was fierce
3. difficult sometime the boxes contained all the same president :(
4. sometimes the boys would go to the North side of town, fight some boys and return with 5 new Pres. cards.
20. The company sent a sample glove to the store and it bothered Jerry that he had to see it there every day.
Rollie Tremaine desired the glove the most. He convinced Mr. Lemire to agree to give the glove in the window to the 1st person who got a complete set of cards. So, the time wouldn't be wasted waiting for the postman.
21. Rollie Tremaine got frustrated and through his cards to the ground. He took money out of his pocket and said I'm going to buy the mitt. The boys said not to because the sign said "not a glove for sale" Rollie quickly picked up his cards.
Jerry's dad got laid off from the comb factory for 4 weeks. The only income the family had was from Armand's after school job at the Grocery store. He lost his job a few weeks later just like his dad.
22. Jerry's dad had good credit and didn't worry about not having a job. They had food and clothing. Finally, Jerry's dad went back to work. At the same time another disaster happened. Armand fell in love.
Jerry found a note on the floor that read "when I look into your eyes the world stands still" Armand was angry at jerry and told him he would muckalize him if he told anyone. Armand loved Sally.
23. Jerry didn't care about love. He worried about ...
report cards, the loss of income from Mrs. Belander because she left to live with her daughter in Boston, and the Presidents.
24. All the boys almost had a complete set except for the Glover Cleveland card.
Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th president so they wondered if they needed two cards to complete the set. The store owner read the rules and it said you only need 1 GCleveland card.
25. Armand had a problem- The Spring Promenade
Sally asked him to be her escort. He needed money for a corsage and new shoes. Armand told Jerry that a store on the North side had G Cleveland cards and the kids needed a Warren G. Harding. Jerry had an extra Harding card. So he raced up there on his bike. Jerry had a flat tire but Armand helped him fix it.
26. Armand got the new shoes and the corsage. Jerry gave him the extra money he made on selling his cards.
Rollie Tremaine got the Grover Cleveland. and got the glove. Roger Lussier was so upset. Jerry told Roger that he got the GCleveland card and sold it to Rollie for $5.00. Jerry said he needed the $5 it was an emergency.
27. Jerry felt horrbile because he betrayed his best friend. He thought he should feel fine and noble when you did something good. Roger understood in the end.