25 terms


Ablility to survive and reproduce
Change over time
Gene Pool
Combined genetic information of all members of a population
Reproductive Isolation
Seperate populations cannot interbreed
Index Fossil
Easily recognized age determined by radio active dating or another absolute method
Two species evolve in respronse to changes in eachother
Ex: Flower and Bird
Punctuated Equilibrium
Long stable periods interrupted by brief periods of evolution any change
Adaptive Radiation
A small group of species have evolved into several different forms that live in different ways
Natural Selection
process by which individuals that are better suited to their environment survive and reproduce most successfully; also called survival of the fittest
Radioactive Dating
age calculated based on amount of remaining radioactive isotiope found
Homologous structures
Parts similar in structure
(Ex: Flippper of whale and Arm)
Directional Selection
One end of curve has higher fitness than others
Individuals near the center of the curve have higher fitness
formation of new species
What is the name of the islands Darwin made many of his observations?
What was James Huttons and Charles Lyells thory about the age of Earth, as it's related to evolutoin?
The Earth was old enough for evolution to occur
What was Lamrack's main theory of evolution?
Lamarck believed that organisms tried to make themselves better during their lifetimes and that the improvements or changes they made would be passed on to their offspring.
What was Thomas Malthus' main theory about food and population growth? What organisms does his theory apply to?
If our population keeps growing then we're going to run out of food. Humans?
When lions prey on a herd of antelopes some antelopes are killed and some escape. Which concept of natural selection might describe this situation
Survival of the Fittest
What would cause a change in the relative frequency in a gene pool
Gene Shuffling
In a population of finches one group has short thick beaks, another group has long narrow beaks. What type of selection is this?
One the Galapagos islands, Charles Darwin observed_______ species with traits best suited to their_______.
If a mutation of a new skin color of a lizard population is introduced, what might determine whether the frequency of new allele will increase?
Natural selection
body parts that share a common function not structure (Bats and Birds)
Analogous body Structures
Inherited from ancestors from ancestors but lost all, but most of its function
Vestigal Body Structures