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Sound Study Guide

Sound Study Guide
the energy in a sound wave.
the number of times a sound source vibrates in one second.
the highness or lowness of a sound as determined by its frequency.
sound wave
an area of bunched up and spread out air particles that moves outward in all directions from a vibrating object.
the back and forth motion of an object.
What causes sound?
Sound is produced by back and forth motions.
Sound depends on air to do what?
carry the sound waves
A tuning fork produces
vibrations when it is struck
Our vocal cords do what when we sing and talk
What materials do sound travel through
gas, liquid and solids
Sound travels the fastest through what material
a solid
Sound travels the slowest through what material
a gas
The eardrum vibrates like what?
a drum
The middles ear has how many vibrating bones?
What are the vibrating bones of the middle ear?
anvil, hammer and stirrup
What else is in the inner ear that also vibrate?
vibrating fluid and fine hair cells
Sound waves travel through what on the body?
the skin, bone and nerve tissue
Why aren't all sounds the same?
Every sound wave has a wavelength, frequency and amplitude.
What tools help us hear?
amplifier,stethoscope, speakers
An amplifier does what?
gives the hearing aid more energy
an instrument that allows a doctor to hear heart and lung sounds
Speakers do what?
change sound into electrical energy