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When did Illinois join the Union as a state?


How many different Constitutions has Illinois had?


Which Constitution of Illinois was in force the longest?


What is the date of the adoption of the present Illinois Constitution?

Archives Building in Springfield

Where are the original copies of the Illinois Constitutions found now?

It includes more details

Why is the Illinois Constitution a longer document than the U.S. Constitution?


What are the basic subdivisions of Illinois called?


What are the main parts of the Illinois constitution called?

Prairie State

State Nickname


State Flower

White Oak

State tree


State Bird

Land of Lincoln

State slogan


State Mineral

Create laws

What is the function of the legislative branch?

General Assembly

What do we call our state legislature


The upper house of the state legislature.

House of Representatives

The lower house of the state legislature.


Members are elected by the people. Senate, House, or Both?


How many state senators in Illinois?


How many state representatives in Illinois?

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