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Pharmacology - Final Exam

What license must a physician have to dispense, prescribe, or administer controlled substances
A drug that causes vomiting is called
A drug used to relieve a cough is called
A drug used to control temperature is called
A drug that reduces anxiety is called
A drugh that causes the pupil of the eye to dilate is called
A drug or substance used for testing purposes is called
If the physician says to administer an emetic to the patient immediately, you should get a
drug that causes vomiting
A drug that relieves allergic symtoms
Aspirin and acetaminophen are examples of
Thorazine is used to
suppress swelling and shock
Hydrocortisone is a
anti-inflammatory drug
Schedule IV drugs include
minor tranquilizers and hypnotics that have a lesser potential for abuse
Schedule V drugs include
miscellaneous mixtures containing limited amounts of narcotic drugs
A glass container holding medication in either liquid or powder form is called
multi-dose vial
A chemical agent that kills vegatitive forms of bacteria is called
A drug used to increase the secretions and mucus from the bronchial tubes is called
The abbreviation for directions
Anticholinergics can cause all of the following except
Which is not a side effect of antihistamine like Benadryl
Which is not a bronchodilator
Lack of this vitamin will lead to rickets
vitamin D
A drug that constrict or makes the pupil smaller
Giving a drug such as vaccine or immunization to prevent disease or lessen symptom is an example of
Dilantin is an eample
Agent that kills or inhibits microorganism is
Agents that would interfere with body system to resist infection and foreign material is
Refrigerators for storage of supplies and specimens should be kept at
36-36 degrees F
Light blue-topped tube
Lavender-topped tube
Black and gray tube
Tuberculin syringe
hold 1 mL of medication
How much urine should you put in the first tube
the same as the amount of water you put in the second test tube
Instruments used for urine sample
laboratory report form, reagent strips, paper towel, timer, personal protective equipment
Random urine specimen
collected any time of the day
What is the maximum length of time urine can set at room temperature prior to the urine test being performed
1 hour
When are reagent strips are invalid
after 2minutes
How long after the urine has been immersed on the test strip should you check for the presence of ketones
60 seconds
Which of the following elements would be considered normal if they are not present in the urine
ketones, blood, leukocytes, nitrite
Why should you ask the patient about the last time he had anything to eat or drink
because the comprehensive metabolic panel lab test includes a blood glucose test that requires the patient to be fasting
How to document patient form after drawing blood
2/11/08 Venipuncture leftr anticubital for CMP and CBC - no reactions or complaints noted - Gerard Barnes CMA