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  1. sur ta droite
  2. Pour nager
  3. nous venons
  4. en bus
  5. une bijouterie
  1. a a jewelry store
  2. b on your right
  3. c To swim
  4. d by bus
  5. e we come

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  1. near, close to
  2. The stadium is across from the cinema.
  3. at the, to the, in the
  4. It's to the right.
  5. a bookstore

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  1. ellesto go


  2. Tu vas au café?Are you going to the café?


  3. Est-ce qu'il y a un café près d'ici?Is there a cafe near here?


  4. Il est dans la rue Sully.It is on Sully Street.


  5. le cinémathe movie theater