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  1. la librairie
  2. à l'angle de
  3. une piscine
  4. Merci, Monsieur (Madame, Mademoiselle)
  5. Ils vont en métro.
  1. a at the corner of
  2. b the book store
  3. c a swimming pool
  4. d Thank you, Sir (Ma'am, Miss)
  5. e They are going by subway.

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  1. a department store
  2. Turn left
  3. he comes
  4. boutique, small shop
  5. a hair salon

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  1. une boutiqueboutique, small shop


  2. à véloby subway


  3. Où est-ce? C'est loin?Where is that? Is it far?


  4. ilyou (plural)


  5. la mairiethe book store


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