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  1. près de
  2. le marchand de fruits et légumes
  3. à + la = à la (use before fem. nouns)
  4. l'épicerie
  5. nous venons
  1. a the fruit and vegetable market
  2. b the spice shop, dry goods store
  3. c we come
  4. d near, close to
  5. e at the, to the, in the

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  1. the town hall
  2. the museum
  3. to come
  4. No, I am going to the swimming pool.
  5. Where is the stadium?

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  1. au-dessus deabove, on top of


  2. Oui, il y a un café dans la rue Saint Paul.Yes, there is a café on Saint Paul street.


  3. Merci, Monsieur (Madame, Mademoiselle)Thank you, Sir (Ma'am, Miss)


  4. un grand magasina store


  5. Comment est-ce que tu vas au stade?How are you going to the stadium?