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Religion Ch.6 pt.4 (6th gr)

Holiness of the Lord, holiness in themselves
With these words God called out to the people of Israel to respect the _____ _____ _____ _____ and to also see the ___ ____ __________.
5 First books of the bible
live and be faithful to him
The Torah contains stories that tell how God wants people to
October 15th
St Teresa's feast day is
starting point for his own teachings
Jesus used the ten commandments as a
place in the kingdom of God
In the new covenant everyone is promised a
Natural Moral Law
A common sense law that is written in the human heart
40 Years
The Israelites wandered in the desert for ______ ______, before reaching the promise land.
Doctor of the Church
In 1970 St Teresa was declared a
The birthplace of St Teresa
St Teresa was a nun for _____ years.
heart of the covenant
The 10 commandments reflect the ____ _____ ________.
The ten commandments laws that God gave to Moses.
Teresa was declared a Saint ______ Years after her death
Exodus, Deuteronomy
The 10 commandments are in the book of ____ and ____.
10 words
Decalogue means
law or doctrine
Torah means
quail and manna
God responded by providing ______ and a special food called _____.
Mount Siani, Moses, Law of the covenant
When the people reached __ ____, the Lord spoke to ______ at the top of the mountain and gave him the _________.
Rock and water
God commanded Moses to strike a ______ and ______ poured out.
Faith, Obedience, Respect, Trust
that he would be their faithful God and protect them always
What did God promise the Hebrews?