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In which phase do the chromosomes line up down the center of the cell?


In which phase is there a pinching in of the cell membrane?


In which phase will the Nuclear Envelope disappear?


In which phase will the centromeres separate between the sister chromatids?


In which phase will the chromatin noticeably condense into chromosomes?


In which phase will two Nuclear Envelopes form;One around each set of new chromosomes?

Late Prophase - Early Metaphase

In which phase will the Spindle Fibers attach to the centromeres of the chromosomes?


In which phase are the sister chromatids pulled to opposite ends of the cell?


In which phase do the centrioloes move to opposite ends of the cell?


In which phase do the chromosomes stretch out and become chromatin?


In which phase are the ends of the cells pushed outward;elongating the cell?


What structure holds the pair of identical chromatids together?

Spindle Fibers

What moves the chromosomes around the cell?


What anchors the Spindle fibers so that they are braced at the ends of the cell (in animal cells only)?


What are the two identical strands of condensed chromatin called ?


Chromosomes, chromatin, and chromatids are all forms of ?


The chromatin will change into ? because it is easier to seperate the two copies in this form.


Chromosomes will change back in to ? so that the DNA can start directing the cell.


Spindle fibers will attach to the centromere and not to one of the ? of the chromosome.


This phase takes the longest in Mitosis?


This phase takes the shortest amount of time in Mitosis.


The nuclear envelope needs to disappear so that the Spindle Fibers can grow toward and ? the chromosomes.


The main objective of Mitosis is to create two separate, identical ?

Cell Cycle

The ? is how organisms add new body cells for growth, and add new cells to repair injuries.


The genetic information on one chromosome is ? from the genetic information on another chromosome.

Genetic Material

All of the chromatids that go to the same end of the cell together during Anaphase, makes up all of the ? of the organism.


Once a chromatid is separated from its twin, it will be called a ?

Spindle Fibers

It is the pulling and pushing action of the ? that cause the ends of the cell to be pushed out and elongated during Anaphase.


The second stage of the Cell cycle when cell division begins is called?

G1 Phase

Phase of cell growth and normal cell activities.

S Phase

Phase in which the cell replicates its DNA.


Phase in which replicated DNA is checked for errors and the cell readies for division.


Portion of the cell's life cycle in which no cell division is occurring.


Non-dividing state of some body cells such as brain cells and muscle cells.

Purpose of Mitosis

Growth, replacement of dead cells, repair of damaged body tissues.

Cell Plate

Wall that forms between two new plant cells during telophase/cytokinesis.

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