Chapter 10 Physical Characteristics of Gases

According to the kinetic-molecular theory particles of matter...
Are in Constant Motion
According to the kinetic-molecular theory, gases condense into liquids because of...
Forces between molecules
The kinetic-molecular theory explains the behavior of...
Solids liquids and Gas
Whitch process can be explained by the kinetic-molecular theory?
According to the kinetic-molecular theory, which substances are made of particles?
all matter
The kinetic-molecular theory explains the properties of solid, liquids, and gases in terms of energy of the particles and...
the forces that act between the particles
According to the kinetic-molecular theory, particles of matter are in motion in...
solid liquids and gases
An ideal gas is an imaginary gas...
that conforms to all of the assumptions of the kinetic theory
Unlike in an ideal gas, in a real gas...
the particles exert attractive forces on eachother
A Real gas...
does not obey all the assumptions of the kinetic-molecular theory
If two moving steel balls collide, their total energy after the collision is the same as before. This is an example of...
an elastic collision
Which is NOT an assumption of the kinetic-molecular theory?
When individual particles collied, energy is transfered
According to the kinetic-molecular theory , what is the most significant difference between gases and liquids?
the distance between the particles
According to the kinetic-molecular theory, particles of gas...
neither attract or repel each other but collied
Which is an example of gas diffusion?
the odor of perfume spreading throughout a room
By which process do gases take the shape of their container?
If a gas with an odor is released in a room, it quickly can be detected across the room because it...
Which substance has the lowest density ?
The density of a substance undergoes the greatest change when the substance changes from a..
liquid to gas
According to the kinetic-molecular theory, how does a gas expand?
Its particles move greater distance
Diffusion between two gases occur most rapidly if the gases are at a...
high temperature and the molecules are small
Which is an example of effusion?
air slowly escaping from a pinhole in a tire
What happens to the volume of a gas during compression?
The volume decreases
Under which conditions do real gases most resemble ideal gases?
low pressure and high temperature
When does a real gas behave like an ideal gas?
When the particles are far apart
Why dosent a gas at a low temperature behave like an ideal gas?
The kinetic energy of the particles is too low
Which gases behave most like an ideal gas?
gases composed of monatomic, non polar molecules
As a real gas deviates from ideal gas behavior, the particles...
experience stronger attractive forces
The behavior of a gas under very high pressure is likely to...
deviate from ideal gas behavior
Pressure is the force per unit of...
Surface Area
What is the SI unit of force?
If force is held constant as surface area decreses, pressure...
What does the constant bombardment of gas molecules against the inside walls of a container produce?
What is the definition of pressure?
Pressure= Force / Area
Why does a can collapse when a vacume pump removes air from the can?
The unbalenced outside force from atmospheric pressure crushes the can
What instrument measures atomspheric pressure?
What instrument measures the pressure of enclosed gas?
A pressure of 745 mm Hg equals...
745 Torr
Convert the pressure 0.75 atm to mm Hg...
570 mm Hg
Convert the pressure .840 atm to mm Hg.
638 mm Hg
Convert the pressure .600 atm to mm Hg
456 mm Hg
Convert the pressure 2.50 atm to kPa
253 kPa
Convert the pressure 1.30 atm to kPa
132 kPa
Standard temperature is exacly
0, C
Standard pressure is the pressure exerted by a column of mercury exacly...
760 mm High
Standard pressure is exacly
1 atm
If the height of mercury in a barometer at 0*C is less than 760 mm Hg, then...
a atmospheric pressure is less than standard atmospheric pressure
If the pressure and temperature of a gas are held constant and some gas is added to the container or some is allowed to escape, a change in which of the following can be observed?
If the temperature of a fixed quantity and volume of gas changes, what also changes?
To observe the effects of changing pressure on the volume of a gas, factors that must be kept constant are the gas's temperature and...
To study the relationship between the temperature and volume of a gas , which factor must be held constant?
If the temperature of a fixed quantity of gas decreses and the pressure remains unchanged,
Its volume decreases
Suppose the temperature of the air in a bolloon is increased. if the pressure remains constant, what quantity must change?
Two gases have the same temperature but diffrent pressures, The kinetic-molecular theory does NOT predict that...
Both gases have the same densities
Why does the air pressure inside the tires of a car increase when the car is driven?
The air particles inside the tire increases their speed because their temperature rises
If the temperature of a container of gas remains constant, how could the pressure of the gas increase?
The number of gas molecules in the container increases
The gas pressure inside a container decreases when...
the number of molecules is increased and the temperature is increased
If the temperature remains constant, V and P represent the original volume and pressure , and V1 and P1 represent the new volume and pressure, what is the mathematical expression for Boyels Law?
Pressure and volume changes at a constant temperature can be calculated using...
Boyels law