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Study of inheritance of diseases in families

Medical genetics

Normal karotypes

46 chromosomes

How many of the 46 chromosomes come from the mother

23 & 23 from father

XX is ? Gender


A boy gender fetus is represented by ? Symbol


Major congenital anomalies occur in ? Births

3/100 or 3%

X-linked affects ?


Multifactorial cause is interaction of ? Factors


Abnormal number of karotypes is known as


Advanced maternal age is

35 years old or older

We are made of ? Autosomes


We are made of ? Sex chromosomes

1 pair

Generic causes of chromosomal disorders (5)

Dominant, recessive, mosaicism, multifactoral, x-linked

Aneuploidy results in ?


Functioning endometrial tissue outside the uterus


Endometrioma can also be referred to as ?

Sampson's cyst, chocolate cyst

An IUD prevents ?


An IUD causes an ? Reaction within the ?

Inflammatory, endometrium

If implantation with an IUD occurs, ? Is the result

Possible misscarriage

Most common IUD today


IUD is placed in the ? Of the ?

Fundal, endometrium

Misplaced IUDs cause cause (3)

Expulsion, cramping, bleeding

People with ? Uteri are at greater risk of IUD perforation

Retroflexed, retroverted

If an IUD is not visualized at all sonographically, a ? May be performed to locate the device bc of possible perforation through the ? & now located amongst the ?

CT/ X Ray
Peritoneal cavity

Perforation most commonly occurs ?

Time of insertion

Eccentric positioning of an IUD may suggest

Partial perforation into myometrium

Associated complication of an IUD

PID, spontaneous AB

If conception & implantation occur with an IUD, it is generally removed during ? Trimester


Another word for PID (2)

Infection, sepsis

Sonographically, the IUD appears ? WIthin the ?

Highly echogenic

? Will occur when the sound beams are perpendicular to the IUD

Posterior shadowing

The greatest risk of ectopic pregnancy is ? With an IUD ?

Immediately after removal

Dizygotic twins must have ? Placenta(s)


Best view to see the nose & lips

Modified coronal

When does the fetal face form

4-8 gestational weeks

? Plays an important factor in the latter stages of facial anomaly development

Environmental exposure

Facial anomalies are most often associated with ? anomaly


Theface should be examined in ? Different planes


The transverse view of the face examines?

Intraorbital distances

The sagittal view demonstrates the ? of the face

Profile, nasal bone

Most common congenital facial deformity at birth

Cleft lip & palate

Most common cleft


Facial anomaly etiology is usually ?


Cleft ? Is detectable before cleft?

Lip, palate

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