The Chronicles of Narnia

Why did Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy go to live with the professor?
The children were being sent out of London because of World War 2
What does Aslan look like?
He is a lion.
Why did the kids go into the wardrobe all at once?
The professors housekeeper was giving a tour to guests that were there.
What does Peter call Edmund?
A beast.
What did the White Whitch give to Edmund when they first met?
Turkish Delight and hot cocoa.
What did Edmund eat the second time with the White Witch?
Stale bread and water.
What were the signs of spring?
The weather changing and the snow melting.
What took the kids and beavers so long to leave the little house?
Mrs. Beaver wanted to bring too many things.
Who was Peter's first kill?
The captain of the wolves.
Why did Edmund lie about Narnia?
He lied to show everyone that he didn't meet the witch.
When Lucy found Narnia, what type of creature did she meet?
a Faun
Where does Mr. Tummus first believe Lucy is from?
The Wild Woods of the West.
Why is Mr. Tummus upset with himself?
Hi is a kidnapper for the White Witch.
What kind of bird did Lucy see?
A Robin
What kind of animal did everyone see in the woods?
a beaver
Where does Edmund go to when he deserts the beavers home?
The White Witch's palace.
Who were the beavers and the kids going to see?
What is represented by Aslan dying?
Jesus being put to death.
What is the name of the professor's housekeeper?
Mrs. Macready
What did the kids eat for dinner at the beavers house?
Fish and potatoes
What is the Rumblebuffin family known for?
Being very nice giants to all creatures.
What color is Mr. Tumnus' scarf?
What did Edmund use to draw a mustache adn glassens on the lion?
Black Charcoal.
What waws Susan's Christmas present?
A small ivory horn, a bow and quiver with arrows.
How was Aslan untied after the White Witch "killed" him?
Fieldmice chewed apart the ropes.
Who destryed the White Witches wand?
What did Mr. Tumnus call the place Lucy came from?
The city of War Drobe in the country of Spare Oom.
What did Susan call the lampost after she had been queen of Narnia?
"A pillar of iron with a latern set on top"
What were the names of the children?
Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy
What were some facts about the professor?
He lived in the heart of the country; He had no wife; he lived in a largehouse with a housekeeper ( Mrs. Macready) and 3 servants ( Ivy, Margret, Betty); he had a shaggy white beard.
What about Susan bothers Edmund when they first arrive to the professors house?
She acts likes his mother.
In the room with the wardrob, what else is in it?
A dead blue bottle on the window sill
What dropped out of the wardrob when Lucy first opened it?
2 dust balls
What were the children doing when Lucy found Narnia?
They were exploring the house while it was raining.
What was Mr. Tumnus carrying when he first met Lucy by the light post?
An umbrella and brown parcels
What is the way to go to Narnia for the humans?
a wardrob
Who found the wardrobe first?
What happened to the round tabel after Aslan revieved?
It cracked in half
How did the Queen Lucy, Queen Susan, King Peter and King Edmund go back home?
They passed the lightpost which led them back to the coats in the wardrobe which led them back out of the wardrbe.
Why was the which angry with squirrls using forks?
What did Lucy do on the battlefield?
She cured all the wounded fighters on the battlefield with her christmas present.
What did Aslan do on the battlefield?
He breathed on all the fighters on hte battlefield that were turned to stone?
Whay is Narnia always winter?
Because the white witch put a spell on Narnia so that it would always be winter but never Christmas.
What is the first animal Edmund sees in Narnia?
He saw reindeer that were the size of Shetland ponies and their hair was so white that even the snow hardly looked white compared to them.
Why does Lucy go through the wardrobe for the second trip to Narnia?
She was trying to not get seen by the proffessors housekeeper and her guests.
What is the name of the giant that helped Aslan and the other animals get out of the Witch's castle?
Giant Rumblebuffin.
Why did the kids go back through the wardorbe to England?
They were on a hunt to find a prisoner when they came across the lamp post.
Why does Edmund betray his siblings?
Becasue the White Witch said that she would make him king and let him eat all the Turkish Delight.
Whyd did the White Witch want Aslan dead?
So that nobody could stop her.
Why did Aslan die instead of Edmund?
Becasue he sacraficed himself.
Who was the one that could defeat the white whitch?
Aslan, the King of the wood.
The White Witch had a best known power. What was it?
Turning people into stone and making it winter but no christmas.
Where did the Children meet Asaln?
The stone table.
What changed once Aslan got to Narnia?
Spring began.
Where was Asaln "killed"?
The Stone Table.
How did Aslan come back to life?
He used greater magic than what the whitch new.
What did Lucy receive from Santa Clause?
a diamond bottle with cordial mde of the juice of one of the fire-flowers that growin the mountains of the sun that would heal anyone and a dagger.
What did Susan recieve from Santa Clause?
a bow and a quiver full of arrows adn a little ivory horn
What did Peter recieve from Santa Clause?
a shield and a sword
What did Mr. Beaver recieve from Santa Clause?
That his dam would be finished and mended adn all the leaks stopped and a new sluice-gate fitted.
What did Mrs. Beaver recieve from Santa Clause?
a new and better sewing machine
What word is used to describe King Peter? King Peter the ______
What word is used to describe Queen Lucy? Queen Lucy the________
What word is used to describe Queen Susan? Queen Susan the ____
What word is used to describe King Edmund? King Edmund the _______
In the end of the book, what happend to the children?
They became kings and queens of narnia