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who wrote the federalist papers?

the federalists

why did the federalists write these papers?

to gain support

what does article one talk about?

the legislature

what does article 2 talk about?

the executive branch

what does article 3 talk about?

the judicial branch


supporters of the constitution


a form of government in which power is divided between the federal government and the states

what did the federalists talk about to gain support?

the flaws in the articles of confederation

what did the federalists argue?

the us wouldn't survive without a strong national government

who wrote the Federalist papers?

Alexander Hamilton, james madison, and john jay

what was the main argument of the anti-federalists?

that it would take back the liberties they gained from the British

what was the anti-federalists strongest concern with the constitution?

it lacked a bill of rights

why did the delegates call this new government a confederation?

it shared a supreme power

what 3 powers did the national government have under the Articles?

declare war, make peace, and sign treaties

what two branches of government were missing from the Articles?

executive and judicial

how was voting determined for each state?

each state only had one vote

what act led to a new rebellion?

shays rebellion

who proposed the Virginia plan?

james madison

who proposed the new jersey plan?

william paterson

who proposed the great compromise?

roger sherman

what are the articles of the constitution?

the responsibilities of government

how many amendments are there?


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