Judical Branch Essay- Prompt 1

A. Our founding fathers never envisioned the court to be as it is today, with all the expansions of the court and how our court came to be equal and fair.
C. It took a lot of work to get events/ laws to where it is today.
Attention Getter
A. The U.S has expanded a long way to get where it is today
II. District Court
A. Judiciary Act of 1789- created three tiers of court
B. Rules on a case when one of the eight reasons for taking a case to a federal court.
C. Decides the verdict and sentence through a jury and judge(Function)
D. Hear the majority of the cases- rule on them accordingly(Role)
III. Court of Appeals
A. Judicial act of 1891
B. Hears cases that are brought to them on appeal
C. Decides the case in 3 judge panels and rules on it (Function)
D. Hear cases for the 2nd time- for those who feel like they have been violated in the district court (Role)
IV. Supreme Court
1. Judiciary Act of 1925
2. Review cases from the U.S court of appeals and state supreme courts( Function)
3. Acts as the final law of the land (Role)