Biology - specialised cells, cells and cell structure.


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Neuron (nerve cell)
Long axon to carry nerve impulses quickly over a long distance and dendrites to connect with other nerve cells.
Sperm cell
Pointed head to penetrate surface of egg. Acrosomes contains enzymes to digests outlets of egg. Tail to propel itself. Middle section packed with mitrochondrial to provide energy for movement. Large nucleus contains genetic information to pass on.
Palisade leaf cell
Tall columnar cells to maximise chance of light reaching cell and packed with many chloroplasts for photosynthesis.
Root hair cell
Is a projection to increase surface area for absorbation of water and minerals and large vacuole to aid osmosis of water from soil.
Red blood cell
No nucleus so no more space for her haemoglobin, biconcave disc increases surface area and allows cell to blend in capillaries and packed with haemoglobin to absorb oxygen.