Biology - leaf cross section


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Waxy cuticle
A waxy stop since secreted from the epidermal cells; this prevents the leaf from drying out/losing water by evaporation.
Upper epidermis
Clear layer of cells without chloroplasts. Acts as a protective surface and often secretes a waxy substance.
Palisade mesophyll
Main site of photosynthesis. These cells are columnur in shape and contain many chloroplasts to absorb light energy.
Spongy mesophyll
Loosely packed cells which do you contain some chloroplasts.
Air spaces
These areas between the spongy sounds allow gases to travel up through the leaf - especially to allow carbon dioxide to reach the palisade layer.
Lower epidermis
Claire layer of cells without chloroplasts. Act as a protective surface. Often contains many stomata.
Guard cells
Small holes which allow gases to defuse into and out of the leaf. These are usually found on the underside of the leaf.
A pair of the cells surrounding each stoma. They are able to control the opening and closing of the stomata.