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Ch 3-4 Mastery Sheet

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- Political: the Glorious Revolution and the Enlightenment
~ GR changed England's gov't to a constitutional monarchy, broke up the dominion of New England- for the most part
~ Maryland protested b/c wasn't recognized as independent enough
~ New England exiled Andros from America
~ John Locke came up /w 3 natural rights (land, liberty and life) which people were educated to fight for, and overthrow their gov't of they could not protect their citizens' natural rights
~ The absolute power in a monarchy would lead to tyranny- needed different people to control the laws, enforcing laws, and reprimanding people who disobey the laws
~ Democracy: more ppl could participate, people voted on all issues, it split up the power and applied reasoning (which needed education to support) to gov't
- Economic: Consumer Revolution
~ IR upped manufacturing technology and increased output... Americans purchases 30% of all British exports- expanded exports of cash crops to Britain to pay for British goods
~ Profits from surplus products gave Americans money to but British goods
~ more dependent on overseas credit and markets
~ population/desire for land grew
- Cultural: Enlightenment, and the newspapers/media increase
~ reasoning and logic to improve their lives, laws & gov't
~effected science (why things happen and how to improve them), politics (above) and religion (predestination no longer makes sense and worked every day to not be sent to Hell- good Christian and nice to everyone/not a sinner which would attract attention to self)
~ Partially from market revolution- having reading materials available to read/people becoming interested/people wanting to read them themselves
~ Newspapers came out /w interesting political views- contradictory to old beliefs