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three examples of sex-linked genetic disorders

hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, color blindness

which has more information stored on it? x or y chromosome?

x chromosome

what do humans have in common with a banana?

same genetic bases, codes, etc. but in a different amount and series

how many DNA base pairs are there in every human being?


every baby born is ___% identical to every other baby born


only ___% of a chromosome is active as a gene coding for a protein


why doesn't it matter which persons DNA the human genome project decoded?

we are all 99.9% the same

why is human DNA so similar?

we have had the least amount of time to have mutations or evolve

why must proteins be 3-D?

humans are 3-D

what is the proteome?

collection of all proteins

how many genes are found in a human?


why are we so different from fruit flies when we have many genes in common?

genes make more proteins which can be modified and continue to grow into more and more proteins, adding complexity

what can be learned through studying people's medical records in Iceland?

genes that cause diseases

why are people opposed to using medical records and DNA data bases for research

could cause discrimination

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