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  1. Vietnam War
  2. Aristophanes
  3. Utopia
  4. Jorge Luis Borges Worldview
  5. Ego
  1. a edenic settings, no society, usually fail as being perfect is not human
  2. b rational, subconscious
  3. c last draft, but can be deferred by school
    Vietnam colonized by England, France and Spain
    beginning it was North vs. South, North was an ally of America, South was Communist, insurgency, Vietcong (VC) who were not military
  4. d "The Clouds"
    one of the first pieces of fictional Utopia
    highlighted corruption of Athens by comparing it to a Utopian city floating in the clouds
  5. e rejected Communism, Fascism and Capitalism

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  1. optimistic Utopias, progress through science
    War of the Worlds, for example
  2. distrust and hostility toward well educated intellectuals and education, philosophy, art and ideas
    claim selves to be champions of common people ("I'm like you")
    used by Nazis, Communism (book burning)
  3. a bad society, one worse than our own
  4. termed in the 1920's, creates a "control" over people, using media to control others
  5. wrote his first story at age 9, started as a poet

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  1. Aldous Huxleyliterature of escape, that humans are truly free, but we bind ourselves with social mores


  2. Idrational, subconscious


  3. 5 Traditional Types of War Stories1. Battle as Initiation: becoming a man
    2. Platoon (collective)
    3. Heroism
    4. Test of Courage
    5. Return to Civilian Life


  4. Kronosrational, subconscious


  5. Magical Realismoptimistic Utopias, progress through science
    War of the Worlds, for example


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