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  1. outrage
  2. capable
  3. helm
  4. congratulate
  5. arrest
  1. a a position of control
  2. b to stop the movement or progress of.
  3. c ready and able to; having the qualities necessary for
  4. d to express pleasure for a person's success or good fortune
  5. e to fill with anger or resentment

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  1. to shake with small, rapid movements; to tremble
  2. coming at a later time; happening as a result of
  3. the wheel or tiller used to steer a boat
  4. to let go; to free
  5. to put in; an extra piece sewn or put in place.

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  1. outragevery loud and shrill sound


  2. arrestto put in; an extra piece sewn or put in place.


  3. disputea strong difference of opinion; an argument


  4. outrageto make known


  5. congratulationsgood wishes