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20 terms

verbs and expressions

to advise
insistir (en)
to insist (on)
to order
recomendar i:ie
to recommend
rogar o:ue
to beg
sugerir e:ie
to suggest
Es bueno que
It's good that
Es importante que
it's important that
Es malo que
It's bad that
Es mejor que
It's better that
Es necesario que
it's necessary that
Es urgente que
It's urgent that
follow me
que quiero mostrarles la casa
I want to show you the house
Esta alcoba es para los chicos
This bedroom is for the guys
Ésta es la sala
this is the living room
Allí están la cocina y el comedor
The kitchen and dining room are over there.
Al fondo del pasillo hay un baño
At the end of the hallway there is a bathroom
No es para tanto
It's not a big deal
Gracias por la oferta
thanks for the offer.