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兰兰, 你好!好久不见。

Lanlan, Hello! Long time no see.

王叔叔好!我不是兰兰。 我是李秋。

Hello, Uncle Wang! I am not Lanlan. I am Li Qiu


Woops. You and Lanlan really look like each other.

是吗? 兰兰比较高,我比较矮。

Really? Lanlan is relatively tall. I am relatively short.

我的意思是-- 你们的眼睛很像。

What I mean is ---- Your eyes look the similar.


Eyes? Lanlan's eyes are relatively big. My eyes are relatively small.


Then- it is the nose similar.

鼻子? 兰兰的鼻子挺,我的塌多了。

Nose? Lanlan's nose is straight and high. Mine is much flat.

奇怪!为什么我觉得你和兰兰长得很像? 我知道了。 你们的头发很像。

It is strange! Why do I feel you and Lanlan look similar? I know. Your hair look very similar.


Hair? Lanlan's hair is short, mine is long.


What I mean is --Both of you have black hair.

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