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sex determination

Factors that control what sex an individual becomes


structure consisting of DNA and associated proteins that carries and transmits genetic information


the condition of possessing both male and female reproductive structures


having both male and female reproductive parts


having either male or female reproductive parts

XX-XO sex determination

system in grasshoppers where females have two X chromosomes and males posses a single X chromosome


chromosome that is the same in males and females, nonsex chromosomes

homogametic sex

the sex that produces gametes that are all alike with regard to sex chromosomes

XX-XY sex determination

system where females have two X chromosomes and males have a single X chromosome and a smaller Y chromosome


small region of the X and Y chromosomes that contains homologous chromosomes

ZZ-ZW sex determination

system in birds, amphibians and fish where females are heterogametic and males are homogametic

genic sex determination

sex determination in which the sexual phenotype is specified by genes at one or more loci, but there are no obvious differences in the chromosomes of males and females

sequential hermaphroditism

A reproductive pattern in which an individual reverses its sex during its lifetime.

Turner syndrome

human condition in which cells contain a single X chromosome and no Y chromosome

Klinefelter syndrome

human condition in which cells contain one or more Y chromosomes along with multiple X chromosomes


human condition in which cells contain three X chromosomes

sex-linked characteristic

characteristics determined by a gene or genes on sex chromosomes


possession of a single allele at a locus


failure of homologous chromosomes or sister chromatids to separate in meiosis or mitosis

heterogametic sex

the sex that produces two types of gametes with respect to sex chromosomes

male-determining gene

SRY gene (sex-determining region Y)

dosage compensation

equalization in males and females of the amount of protein produced by X-linked genes

Lyon hypothesis

1 of the 2 X chromosomes in females becomes inactive (Barr body)

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