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Foramen of the Canine Skull

Vessels and nerves communicating through skull foramen
optic canal
optic nerve
orbital fissure
occulomotor, trochlear, abducent, opthalmic, and some blood vessels
rostral alar foramen
maxillary artery and nerve
caudal palatine foramen
entrance to the palatine canal; major palatine artery, vein, and nerve
sphenopalatine foramen
sphenopalatine artery & vein and the caudal nasal nerve entering the nasal cavity
maxillary foramen
caudal opening of the infraorbital canal; infraorbital artery, vein, and nerve
fossa for the lacrimal sac
continued rostrally by the nasolacrimal canal for the nasolacrimal duct
infraorbital foramen
infraorbital nerve, artery and vein
rostral alar foramen
rostral opening of alar canal; maxillary artery and nerve exit caudally
caudal alar foramen
maxillary artery enters alar canal
oval foramen
the mandibular nerve exits the cranial cavity through it
foramen lacerum
a loop of the internal carotid artery protrudes through this opening
musculotubal canal
bony enclosure of the auditory tube...
tympano-occipital fissure
passage for the internal carotid, glossopharyngeal n., vagus n., accessory n., venous radicles of the vertebral and internal jugular veins, and sympathetic post-ganglionic axons from the cranial cervical ganglion
hypoglossal canal
passage for the hypoglossal nerve...
retroarticular foramen
conducts the emissary vein from the temporal venous sinus...
stylomastoid foramen
opening of the facial canal that conducts the facial nerve peripherally through the petrosal part of the temporal bone...
major palatine foramen
emergence of the major palatine artery, vein and nerve and their branches ...
minor palatine foramen
emergence of the major palatine artery, vein and nerve and their branches ...
foramen magnum
passage for the spinal cord...
mastoid foramen
transmits the caudal meningeal artery and vein...
mandibular foramen
caudal opening of the mandibular canal...
mandibular canal
transmits the inferior alveolar artery, vein, and nerve...
mental foramina
3 foramen (rostral, middle, and caudal) which supply nerves to the lower lip and chin...
canal for the trigeminal nerve
in the rostral end of the petrosal part of the temporal bone, it is the location of the trigeminal ganglion...
jugular foramen
transmits the glossopharyngeal n., vagus n., and accessory n...
foramen for the dorsal sagittal sinus
transmits the dorsal sagittal venous sinus to the paired transverse sinuses in the transverse canals...
transverse canal
transmits the transverse canals...
round foramen
maxillary nerve off the trigeminal exits cranial cavity into the alar canal, courses rostrally through the rostral alar foramen
condyloid canal
transmits a venous sinus