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A transition period in human development between childhood and adulthood.


The tine when the body becomes capable of reproduction


A chemical that affects or controls a certain system in the body.

Primary Sex Characteristics

The development of the reproductive (sexual) organs.

Secondary Sex Characteristics

Nonreproductive physical body changes during puberty.

Sense of Identity

Characteristics that make a person unique.


Mental image a person has of him or herself.


The way one feels about him or herself.


The process of becoming an individual person.


Process of learning behaviors and attitudes that are acceptable to family and society.


Physical aspect of being male or female; also known as a person's sex.

Gender Identity

A person's sense of being male or female

Gender Role

A person's behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs about men and women.

Gender Role Socialization

Process that teaches children about available gender roles.

Gender Role Stereotypes

Preset assumptions about what each gender is like and can do.

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