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audit/ edit report

a report that lists errors in a claim

protected health information (PHI)

information about a patient's past, present, or future physical or mental health or payment for health care that can be used to identify the person


an organization that receives claims from a provider, checks and prepares them for processing, and transmits them to insurance carriers in a standardized format

electronic prescribing

the use of computers and handheld devices to write and transmit prescriptions to a pharmacy in a secure digital format

national provider identifier (NPI)

a national standard identifier for all health care providers consisting of ten numbers

electronic data interchange (EDI)

the transfer of business transactions from one computer to another using communications protocols

practice management program (PMP)

a sfotware program that automates many of the administrative and financial tasks required to run a medical practice

electronic medical records (EMR)

the electronic collection and management of health information

HIPAA Security Rule

regulations outlining the minimum safeguards required to prevent unauthorized access to electronic health care information

HIPAA Electronic Transaction and Code Sets standards

regulations that require electronic transactions to use standardized formats

information technology (IT)

computer hardware and software system

walkout statement

a document listing charges and payments that is given to a patient after an office visit

X12-837 Health Care Claim (837P)

the electronic format of the claim used by physicians' offices to bill for services

information is easy to find, reduces errors, more than one person at one time can use, less storage space needed, database is more efficient

5 advantages of using computers in a medical practice


the HIPAA Security Rule specifies the ......... , technical, and physical safeguards required to prevent unauthorized access to health care information


electronic medical records are used to record data such as physician's reports of examinations, surgical procedures, test results, and ...


many medical offices assign ..... to individuals who have access to computer data as a security measure


.......... reports are designed to provide payers with "clean" claims, thus reducing the number of claim rejections due to missing or incorrect data

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