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The Western-or-Wailing Wall

The only remaining wall of the 2nd temple; holy to Judaism


for Jews=Israel, for Christians= the heavenly city


a tome cut into rock or stone

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher

the church where Jesus was ascended to heaven; holy to Christianity

The Dome of the Rock

First great work of Islam; where Abraham was to sacrifice son; holy to Islam


dutiful or loyal


a person who is uncompromising or fanatical in his/her beliefs


the scattering, dispersion, of any people from their original homeland


not a member of the dominant religion; not Jewish


"devastation" in Russian. An organized, often sanctioned persecution or massacre of a minority group, esp. against Jews


A Russian emperor (man or woman)


a published, false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation


a political and cultural movement (org.) to establish a national home for the Jewish in Palestine


Palestinian territory bordered by Egypt and Israel; governed by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas; 1.5 million; has refugee status by U.N.; highly dependent on aid from Israel

Palestinian Authority

the name of the government of Palestinians headquarters in West Bank


mean "zeal" in Arabic. Islamic, Palestinian movement and political party elected in 2006. Refuses to recognizes Israel's right to exist. Has a social service network that provides; had terrorist wing

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