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superficial fungal infection of he skin, ringworm
fungi transmitted from infected people or animals
round or oval patches of red, scaly
lesions pink, red, or tan, slightly raised
scrapings of scales with hot potassium hydroxide will show fungal
chronic/ widespread
topical antifungals are effective + corticosteroids
Viral infection of skin or mucous membranes
herpesvirus type 1 (facial, oral, labial) or type 2 (genital)
person to person contact
clusters of small, painful, vesicles
Tzanck smear positive for viral material culture yields exact type of virus
run course in about a week, no cure
analgesics and topical anesthetics
antiviral drug topically or systemically to reduce duration
chronic, scaly plaques
increased proliferation of epidermal cells, autoimmune disorder, genetically predisposed
plaques of scaly thickening of the skin; scalp, knees, elbows
reddish-purple thickened plaques covered silvery firmly adherent scales
skin biopsy (not really needed)
topical steroids, calcipotriene; tar ointments, UVB (ultraviolet B)
PuVA (psoralen + ultraviolet A) methotrexate
Squamous Cell Carcinomahard red malignant nodule sun exposure middle-aged or elderly person hard red nodule possibly developed from a pre-existing actinic keratosis; ulceration metastasis is rare excisionMalignant Melanomapigmented malignancy with rapid metastasis; potentially fatal sun exposure pigmented nevi (moles) with irregularity of shape, uneven color, blue pink, or black color; bleeding or ulceration, and rapid enlargement rapid metastasis; can be fatal excision; for metastasis, radiation and chemotherapy