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an example of a utility program

applications (or productivity) software

programs that perform a specific task (eg. word processing, spreadsheet)


this is activated when you boot your computer; searches for boot record, loads drivers and operating system


process of starting your computer


with this interface, you must type exact commands into the computer from a command prompt

concurrent user

a type of software license that allows only a certain number of copies to be used at one time


legal protection that grants exclusive rights to the author of a program or the owner of the copyright


an operating system used on handheld and wireless devices


with this interface, users manipulate on-screen icons to perform functions, usually with a mouse or other pointing device

language translator program

an example of systems software; converts English-like software programs into machine code that can be understood by the computer

multiple user

a type of software license that allows more than one user at a time

public domain software

software that may be copied legally


copyrighted software that allows a free trial period of use

single user

a type of software license that allows only one user at a time

site license

a type of software license that allows software to be used on any and all computers at a specific location


refers to the programs that make the computer run

software license

a contract that describes the ways in which you may use a computer program

systems software

consists of programs that coordinate and control the resources and operations of the computer itself

user interface

part of the operating system with which you interact when using your computer

utility programs

an example of systems software; designed to perform housekeeping chores for the computer


an example of an operating system for a PC

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