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Bones of the Skull

Top 10 bones of the skull and other details!
occipital bone
Protects the brain and supports the back of the head
frontal bone
Located at the front of head. Protects the brain and supports the face
Spenoid bone
Wedge-like bone in front of temporal bone
Temporal bones
Located at the sides of the skull
Parietal bones
Makes up roof and sides of skull
Ethmoid bone
Located at the top of the nose, in between the two eye sockets
Essential for mouth movement
Maxilla bones
Holds the top half of the teeth in place
Zygomatic bones
Located in the upper and lateral parts of the face
Nasal bones
Supports nose and forms nose bridge
Number of facial bones
Number of bones in the skull
Joints of the skull bones
Number of bones in the cranium