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  1. fibrinogen
  2. protect the safety of employees in the workplace.
  3. it's a device for spinning a specimen at high speed until it separates into it's component parts
  4. 55
  5. contains another magnifying lens, it is moved into position directly under the osulars when needed
  1. a What does OSHA for?
  2. b serum does not contain?
  3. c the pasma forms about __%
  4. d What do the objectives do?
  5. e What is a centrifuge?

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  1. which hepetitis is spread mainly threw fecal-oral route?
  2. What are the advantages of using a Physician's Office Laboratory (POL) ?
  3. What are the common uses for microscope?
  4. evacuation system
  5. Bloodborn pathogens can be introduced into a new host through several roughts, including?

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  1. Do not tell the patient there results!!! you give it to the doctorWhat do you do when the test results come in?


  2. a diaphragm that opens and closes like the shutter on a camera to increase and decrease the amount of light illuminating the specimen.Where are the objectives located on the microscope?


  3. hematomaWho is responisble for taking Inventory Control of equipment and supplies to ensure that the POL never runs out of them?


  4. bruising and other injuriesfibrogen


  5. creation and enforcement of both general safety standards & standards for specific industries & operations.Reducing the number of HIV related death, reducing material infant transmission, improving the quality of life of those diagnosed with AIDS