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  1. it's a device for spinning a specimen at high speed until it separates into it's component parts
  2. median cubital, basilica,cephalic vein
  3. 8 and 15 years
  4. a white lesion on the tougue
  5. creation and enforcement of both general safety standards & standards for specific industries & operations.
  1. a Veins commonly used for venipuncture include
  2. b What is a centrifuge?
  3. c the incubation period in adults is?
  4. d What are OSHA'S duties?
  5. e hairy leukoplakia?

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  1. whole blood
  2. the pathogens posing the greatest risk are?
  3. leukocytes
  4. What do the Oculars do in the microscope?
  5. what is the iris?

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  1. pt care functionsother phlebotomists are trained to perform


  2. below the oculars and mounted on the swivel bace called the nose.Where are the objectives located on the microscope?


  3. Health care facilities must maintain a detailed log of sharps injuries that are incurred from contamiinated sharps. other 2 are on page 16.OSHA revised the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. The additional provisions to the standard are(Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act)?


  4. incident report formin the event of an accident or exposure incident in the POL, OSHA regulations requre completion of an?


  5. pregnent womanacute HEV may be fatal in?