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  1. produces quicker turnaround & eliminates the need for the patient to travel to other locations
  2. total volume of plasma and formed elements
  3. Do not tell the patient there results!!! you give it to the doctor
  4. blood does not coagulate at a wound or puncture site
  5. keep a list of items that are used routinely and reordered systematically
  1. a How do you take Inventory Control?
  2. b What do you do when the test results come in?
  3. c What are the advantages of using a Physician's Office Laboratory (POL) ?
  4. d whole blood
  5. e Hemophilia

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  1. What has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) identified?
  2. Who is responisble for taking Inventory Control of equipment and supplies to ensure that the POL never runs out of them?
  3. What is under the stage that contains the condenser , which concentrates the light being directed through the sample and the iris?
  4. How do you carry a microscope?
  5. HgBA1c gives information over a period of

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  1. ELSA testHIV infection is diagnosed using?


  2. Establishing a chain of custodyHIV infection is diagnosed using?


  3. two, Course and fineHow many focus controls are there and what are they called?


  4. a means of exit from the hostWhta does the growth cycle of pathogenic microogranisms require?


  5. hematomamost bruising is caused by a