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  1. The M.A
  2. HAV and HEV
  3. incident report form
  4. total volume of plasma and formed elements
  5. a white lesion on the tougue
  1. a which hepetitis is spread mainly threw fecal-oral route?
  2. b in the event of an accident or exposure incident in the POL, OSHA regulations requre completion of an?
  3. c hairy leukoplakia?
  4. d Who is responisble for taking Inventory Control of equipment and supplies to ensure that the POL never runs out of them?
  5. e whole blood

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  1. Reducing the number of HIV related death, reducing material infant transmission, improving the quality of life of those diagnosed with AIDS
  2. which hepatitis is fatal?
  3. Phlebotomy
  4. What does OSHA for?
  5. other phlebotomists are trained to perform

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  1. Owhat blood type contains neither A nor B antigen is


  2. creation and enforcement of both general safety standards & standards for specific industries & operations.What are OSHA'S duties?


  3. White blood cellswhich hepetitis is spread mainly threw fecal-oral route?


  4. carbon monoxideHgBA1c gives information over a period of


  5. HBV and HCVwhich hepetitis is spread mainly threw fecal-oral route?