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  1. Health care facilities must maintain a detailed log of sharps injuries that are incurred from contamiinated sharps. other 2 are on page 16.
  2. a means of exit from the host
  3. is the most common
  4. a three-piece objective system
  5. walk dont run, close all cabinet, doors,don't use broken equipment
  1. a Whta does the growth cycle of pathogenic microogranisms require?
  2. b Microscopes used in the POL have what?
  3. c evacuation system
  4. d What are common sense saftey rules in a lab?
  5. e OSHA revised the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. The additional provisions to the standard are(Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act)?

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  1. How do you carry a microscope?
  2. What do the Oculars do in the microscope?
  3. What are OSHA'S duties?
  4. what is it called when a pt must sign consent form for the testing of drug and alchol
  5. which hepatitis spreads through contact with contaminated blood or body fluids,and through sexual contact

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  1. 55the pasma forms about __%


  2. it's a device for spinning a specimen at high speed until it separates into it's component partsWhat do the Oculars do in the microscope?


  3. blood does not coagulate at a wound or puncture siteHemophilia


  4. keep a list of items that are used routinely and reordered systematicallyHow do you carry a microscope?


  5. liquid in which othe components are suspendedhairy leukoplakia?