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  1. platform on which rests the specimen slide
  2. is the insertion of a needle or cannula into a vein for the purpose of withdrawing blood
  3. they are eyepieces through which you view the image
  4. Do not tell the patient there results!!! you give it to the doctor
  5. pregnent woman
  1. a What is the stage?
  2. b acute HEV may be fatal in?
  3. c What do the Oculars do in the microscope?
  4. d What do you do when the test results come in?
  5. e Phlebotomy

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  1. in the event of an accident or exposure incident in the POL, OSHA regulations requre completion of an?
  2. what blood type contains neither A nor B antigen is
  3. How do you carry a microscope?
  4. What are the common uses for microscope?
  5. Bloodborne pathogens can be introduced into a new host through what routes?

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  1. carbon monoxideHgBA1c gives information over a period of


  2. White blood cellsCBC


  3. HIVthe pasma forms about __%


  4. total volume of plasma and formed elementsHow many focus controls are there and what are they called?


  5. Establishing a chain of custodyChanges in skin condition often make the elderly more prone to


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