25 terms

Physics #1: Work and Power

The word ___ means many things and can be used in many different ways.
Work is done only when a ____ (the push) causes a change in the position or motion of an object in the direction of the applied force.
___ us calculated by multiplying the ____ by the ___ over which the force was applied.
Work, Force, Distance
Because work is calculated as ____ times _____, it is measured in units of newtons times, N*m
Force, Distance
These units are also called _____(J)
A _____ is also equivalent to : 1 kg*m2/s2
The quantity that measures ___ relation to time is _____.
Work, Power
Power is the ____ at which ___ is done.
Rate, Work
Write the equation for POWER in word form:
Power equals Work divided by time
Write the equation for WORK in word form:
Work equals Force divided by distance
The SI unit of power is the ____ (W)
A ____ is the amount of power required to do 1 joule of work in 1 second.
___ help us do work by redistributing the work that we out into them.
____ can change the direction of an input force
This is called ____
Multiplying the force
___ is called when scientist and engineers use a number that describes how much the force or distance is multiplied by a machine.
Mechanical Advantages
___ is a quality that measures how much a machine multiplies force or distance
Mechanical Advantages
Mechanical advantages =
___output force___= ___Input distance___
? ?
Input force Output distance
___ is the rate at which work is done, that is, how much work is done in a given amount of time
What is the formula for POWER?
P= W/ t
Watts= ?/s
Watts= Joule/ s
What is the unit for force?
What equals a Joule??
Newton meter
What also equals a Joule???
what is the formula for FORCE?