30 terms

Chapter 17

Under the period of the Solid South, what political party controlled southern society?
Which of the following was a group seen in Europe as inferior and in need of protection or help based on race?
Dr. John Pemberton is credited for the creation of which southern industry?
Tobacco farmers typically fared better than cotton farmers
Which of the following occurred between 1877 and 1900 in the South?
Soft drinks
In the 1880s, what was often used as collateral for credit?
After the Civil War, which of the following statements best describes the role of southern women?
Most women stayed within their traditional roles
The Southern Farmer's Alliance originated in which state?
Which of the following statements best summarizes the philosophy of a supporter of temperance?
Consumption of alcohol is sinful
Which of the following correlates with many young, white southern women during the 1880s and 1890s?
They romanticized the myth of the Lost Cause and the Civil War
What was the primary interest of southern white women's clubs?
They were interested in self-improvement and the plight of other women and children
Which of the following statements is most accurate about women in the South during the last two decades of the nineteenth century?
Some single white women founded home mission societies
Which of the following statements is accurate regarding segregation in the South?
It was given legal justification by the Supreme Court in the 1890s
What happened to Ida B. Wells after she protested local lynching in Memphis?
She moved to Chicago and continued to speak out against the institution of vigilante justice
What was the most common way for whites to disenfranchise African Americans in the South?
With the usage of a poll tax
What did Booker T. Washington's speech at the Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition advocate?
Public support for segregation
Which of the following is accurate of industrialization in the South?
It created jobs for tens of thousands of first time industrial wage earners
Which of the following occurred after Reconstruction in the South?
southern cities grew at a rapid rate
Which of the following is accurate of the life of Booker T. Washington?
He publicly endorsed segregation in the South.
How did traditional Southerners view urban development?
It was a second Yankee conquest that would infect the South with northern values.
What occurred after McCants Stewart, a black Northerner, traveled to the South in 1885?
He was surprised by the equal treatment blacks received.
What industry dominated southern agriculture between 1877 and 1900?
What was the intent of the subtreasury plan?
It was meant to protect farmers from low cotton prices.
What was the WCTU committed to?
the prohibition of alcohol
Southern white women played a major role in what venue?
memorializing the Civil War
Which of the following is true of Women's clubs in the south?
Solidarity was based on gender and not race as women's clubs were segregated.
Which of the following is NOT accurate regarding the court case Plessy v. Ferguson?
The decision was a close 5-4 ruling, with justice John Marshall Harlan leading the dissent against the majority.
What was the most common justification for lynching?
The presumed threat black men posed to the sexual virtue of white women.
Which of the following was NOT a strategy for the disfranchisement of African-Americans?
identification requirement
Which of the following is accurate regarding racial stereotypes in popular culture?
Depictions of black people featured scarcely human stereotypes.
Which of the following occurred LAST?
The North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance is created.