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  1. How many plays did Sophocles write?
  2. What are Aeschylus' plays filled with?
  3. How many times with Sophocles win the City Dionysia?
  4. Materials used to make masks
  5. How many of Aristophanes plays survived?
  1. a 11
  2. b 120
  3. c 18
  4. d spectacular effects, serious dancing and exciting descriptions of battles
  5. e Linen, cork and wood

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  1. Oresteia
  2. covered the whole head, included hair, eyes and slightly open mouth. Exaggerated expression, one emotion, over-sized
  3. 7
  4. He defeated the Sphinx (answered the riddle correctly)
  5. Euripides' Cyclops

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  1. Three things that Sophocles is responsible for1. introduced third actor, 2. increased chorus from 12 to 15 people, 3. introduced scene painting


  2. How did the size of the chorus change over time?Started as 50, shrank to 12 with Aeschylus then back up to 15 with Sophocles


  3. Example of deux ex machina in Euripides MedeaWoman who murders her children is carried away in a chariot pulled by dragons


  4. Who is the only comedy playwright whose work survived intact?Aristophanes


  5. How did Oedipus kill his father and marry his mother?He defeated the Sphinx (answered the riddle correctly)