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  1. How many of Euripides' plays survived?
  2. What does the old blind seer tell Oedipus?
  3. Example of deux ex machina in Euripides Medea
  4. How did Oedipus kill his father and marry his mother?
  5. What are Aeschylus' plays filled with?
  1. a The seer tells Oedipus he is the murderer of the previous Theban king
  2. b Woman who murders her children is carried away in a chariot pulled by dragons
  3. c spectacular effects, serious dancing and exciting descriptions of battles
  4. d Laius and Iacosta's baby was saved by shepherds after it had been left to die in the mountains. He was raised in Corinth and later killed Laius and married Iacosta after he defeated the sphinx.
  5. e about 18

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  1. 70
  2. 13
  3. 1. In large theatres normal facial expressions could not be seen, 2. may have acted as a megaphone to amplify their voices.
  4. Remarkable plots with fantastic adventures
  5. 4-5

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  1. Chorusno violence on stage


  2. How many of Aristophanes plays survived?about 18


  3. The play Aristotle chose as an ideal example of Greek TragedySophocles' Oedipus the King


  4. How did the size of the chorus change over time?Started as 50, shrank to 12 with Aeschylus then back up to 15 with Sophocles


  5. The 3 tragedies Aeschylus wrote in 458 BC are known in total as what?13