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  1. How many plays did Sophocles write?
  2. How many of Aristophanes plays survived?
  3. Chorus
  4. How many times did Aeschylus win the City Dionysia?
  5. What did Oedipus do after he discovered the truth?
  1. a 13
  2. b Blinds himself
  3. c 11
  4. d 15 men who represented a group of ordinary people (such as citizens, women or elderly men)
  5. e 120

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  1. Oresteia
  2. no violence on stage
  3. An oracle told him he would kill his father and marry his mother
  4. The seer tells Oedipus he is the murderer of the previous Theban king
  5. Woman who murders her children is carried away in a chariot pulled by dragons

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  1. Who is the only comedy playwright whose work survived intact?Aristophanes


  2. What kind of comedy did Aristophanes write?Old Comedy


  3. How did the size of the chorus change over time?He defeated the Sphinx (answered the riddle correctly)


  4. The play Aristotle chose as an ideal example of Greek TragedyOld Comedy


  5. Materials used to make masksLinen, cork and wood


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