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  1. How did Oedipus kill his father and marry his mother?
  2. How many of Aeschylus' plays have survived?
  3. How many of Aristophanes plays survived?
  4. How did Oedipus become king of Thebes?
  5. What is the only complete satyr play to survive?
  1. a 11
  2. b Laius and Iacosta's baby was saved by shepherds after it had been left to die in the mountains. He was raised in Corinth and later killed Laius and married Iacosta after he defeated the sphinx.
  3. c He defeated the Sphinx (answered the riddle correctly)
  4. d Euripides' Cyclops
  5. e only 7 complete plays survived

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  2. 18
  3. The seer tells Oedipus he is the murderer of the previous Theban king
  4. Remarkable plots with fantastic adventures
  5. 13

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  1. What kind of comedy did Aristophanes write?Old Comedy


  2. playwrighta person who writes plays


  3. Describe the maskcovered the whole head, included hair, eyes and slightly open mouth. Exaggerated expression, one emotion, over-sized


  4. What did Oedipus do after he discovered the truth?Blinds himself


  5. Why Oedipus leave CorinthAn oracle told him he would kill his father and marry his mother