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  1. adv./adj. in the latest style or fashion; chic or stylish; served with a scoop of ice cream
  2. adj. for one's country; for the nation
  3. n. the way things are; the existing state of affairs
  4. adv./adj./prep. face-to-face with or opposite to; in comparison with or in relation to

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  1. dossiern. a (complete) collection of documents on a topic or person


  2. kowtown./v. the act of kneeling and touching the ground with the forehead to demonstrate submission or deference; to show submission or deference


  3. magnum opusn. a false step; a social blunder of manners or proper conduct; an insensitive slip


  4. kitschn. art or writing that is blatantly bad (although often quite popular) because of obvious sentimentality, pretentiousness, and shallow or superficial appeal