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  1. adv. to a disgusting (sickening) extreme; to the point of revulsion
  2. adj. for one's country; for the nation
  3. n. the way things are; the existing state of affairs
  4. n. a false step; a social blunder of manners or proper conduct; an insensitive slip

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  1. vis-à-visadv./adj./prep. face-to-face with or opposite to; in comparison with or in relation to


  2. kowtown. art or writing that is blatantly bad (although often quite popular) because of obvious sentimentality, pretentiousness, and shallow or superficial appeal


  3. raconteurn. a highly skilled teller of tales; a storyteller


  4. dossiern./v. the act of kneeling and touching the ground with the forehead to demonstrate submission or deference; to show submission or deference