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What is the function of the immune system?

to fight off diseases

What are the chemicals that help destroy bacteria or viruses?


What are the foreign bodies, usually proteins, that invade the body and casue disease?


How does a white blood cell destroy an antigen?

produces a matching antibody and destroys the bacterium

What is the ability of a person who once had a disease to be protected from getting it again?


What diseases are prevented by the antigens in a DPT shot?

diptheria, pertussis, tetanus

What is the cause of AIDS?

HIV, a virus

What are four ways AIDS can be passed to another?

sharing needles, sexual intercourse, mother to baby, and blood transfusion

What are the organs of the immune system?

spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils,bone marrow

What is the function of the lymph nodes?

to produce white blood cells

What is the function of the spleen?

to remove RBC's and make WBC's

What would be the white blood cell count of someone with leukemiia?


What do white blood cells destroy?

dead RBC's, viruses, bacteria,

What is released into the blood stream when antigens invade the body?


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