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Female gametes.

What does oogenesis produce?

During fetal development.

When does oogenesis begin?


What undergoes mitosis to increase their numbers?

Primary oocytes

What do oogonia undergrow cell growth to begin?

Prophase 1

The large primary oocytes begin the first stages of meiosis, but stop at what phase?

A primary follicle.

When a single layer of follicle cells surrounds each primary oocyte, what is this structure called?


At puberty, some follicles develop each month in response to what?

A few primary oocytes finish meiosis 1.

What happens each menstrual cycle?

Two cells of different sizes with an unequal distribution of cytoplasm. This creates a polar body that eventually generates.

What does the first meiotic division produce?

Meiosis 2

What does the secondary oocyte (large cell from meiosis 1) proceed to?

Prophase 2

Where does meiosis 2 stop at with respect to the secondary oocyte?

If the cell is fertilized.

When is meiosis 2 completed?

An ovum and a second polar body.

What does meiosis 2 produce?

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