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  1. Oui, d'accord
  2. manger
  3. je dois
  4. Je suis en train de......
  5. jouer au badminton
  1. a I am in the middle of......
  2. b Yes, all right, OK
  3. c to eat
  4. d to play badminton
  5. e I have to

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  1. I wish, want
  2. place BEFORE a statement to turn it into a question
  3. I
  4. to rollerblade
  5. to mountain climb

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  1. Je préfère...I prefer...


  2. Quel sport practiques-tu?What sport do you do?


  3. Oui j'aime...Yes, I like...


  4. jouer au rugbywe like, love


  5. devoirto have to (should, must)


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