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  1. inversion
  2. Je préfère...
  3. parler français
  4. faire de la planche à voile
  5. vous pouvez
  1. a you (pl) can
  2. b I prefer...
  3. c flip-flop subject and verb of a statement to turn it into a question
  4. d to speak French
  5. e to wind surf

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  1. Yes, I want...
  2. to jump rope
  3. one does/makes
  4. to have dinner at a restaurant
  5. to go boating

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  1. ilthey (m)


  2. ne...jamaisnever


  3. faire du bateauto go boating


  4. jouer à la marelleto play hopscotch


  5. Je vais....I'm going......


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