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  1. Est-ce que tu peux___avec moi?
  2. faire du cerf-volant
  3. Oui, je peux___avec toi
  4. parler allemand
  5. parler espagnol
  1. a to speak Spanish
  2. b Yes, I can___with you
  3. c Can you___with me?
  4. d to fly a kite
  5. e to speak German

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  1. Non, I don't want...
  2. to slide (to play on the slide)
  3. to have to (should, must)
  4. No, I don't like...
  5. we like, love

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  1. Oui, bien sûrwe like, love


  2. faire du ski nautiqueto sky dive


  3. jeI


  4. Je suis en train de......I just.......


  5. tu doisyou (s) have to