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Real numbers

all numbers except imaginary numbers


positive and negative whole numbers including zero

Counting Numbers

positive whole numbers (excludes zero)

Rational Numbers

any number that can be expressed by a fraction

Irrational numbers

decimal numbers that continue forever without repeating


line connecting one vertice to another

y-intercept form

y=mx + b


rise over run; angle of a line expressed as a fraction; it is the m in the y-intercept form


a graph of a line that looks like a U; has the equation X²


flopping a point or shape across an line (usually x or y axis)


moving a point or shape on a graph


turning a shape on a graph


a comparison of two items in a fraction; Can be written with a semicolon; For example, 3:2.


number out of 100; can be written as a decimal


A fraction flipped upside; 1/2 and 2/1 are reciprocals


Point where a line intercepts the y-axis


Location of a point on a graph in the form (x,y) where x moves left and right, y moves up and down

Equation of a horizontal line

y=any number; ex. y=4, y=-6

Equation of a vertical line

x=any number; ex. x=3, x=-1

Area of a circle

Pi time radius squared

Absolute Value

distance from zero; take off the negative sign

Average (mean)

add numbers and then divide by number of terms

Least Common Denominator (LCD)

lowest number that all numbers are factors of

Common Denominator

number that all numbers are factors of


Distributing by First, Outer, Inner, Last


All the different ways of arranging something

zero property of multiplication

any number times 0 equals 0

Pythagorean Theorem


Area of triangle

1/2 base x height (1/2 bh)


distance from center to outer edge of a circle


distance across a circle through the center


Positive parabolas open . . .


Negative parabolas open . . .


part of a circle


In math the term "is" means


In math the term "of" means

Mark up

the amount ADDED to the original price of an item is called the

Add the exponents

When multiplying variable with exponents

Multiply the exponents

When taking variables with exponents to a power


the distance around a figure; add all the sides together

Prime Number

a number with only 2 and itself.

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