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English Fish Greek Theatre Review

Oedipus' wife/mother's name is?
Oedipus' four children are?
Antigone, Ismene, Eteocles, and Polyneices
Who wrote Oedipus Rex?
How many plays are still available by this author?
This author wrote how many plays during his lifetime?
Approximately how hold was this author when he died?
What do we call a hero in a dramatic tragedy who has all the tickets for success, but one problem?
tragic hero
What term do we use to refer to a tragic hero's one problem?
fatal flaw
What is one of the main purposes, according to the Greeks, of viewing a dramatic tragedy?
What is catharsis?
cleansing or purging
What physical sign does Oedipus have of his early days as a baby?
scars on his ankles
Who is the blind prophet that Oedipus disbelieves?
Who is Jocasta's brother who jointly rules with Oedipus?
What is 'hubris'?
having too much pride
Who was the first Greek playwright to bring new possibilities to the festival by adding a separate actor from the chorus?
Who added a second actor to the stage?
Who added a third actor to the stage?
What are the three unities?
one day, one plot, one setting
The action of the play reflects how much time?
24 hours
How many subplots were allowed?
What kinds of roles were allowed to women?
What types of props were used?
wool, linen, wood, or plastic
The fifth century BC is know as?
Golden Age
What god were the Greeks worshipping in a festival that grew into Greek drama?
List three good characteristics of Oedipus
brave, loyal, and strong
What is Oedipus' fatal flaw?
trying to avoid his fate
How did Greek plays deal with violence?
offstage; reported
Who is oedipus' father?
How does the chorus help the reader/audience in Greek drama?
explains the story and tells the audience what's coming
What happens to Jocasta?
hanged herself
What does Oedipus do when he learns the horrible truth?
stabs his eyes out
What fate does he have at the end of the play?
sent to colonous to wander the desert
Where is this story set?
Palace of Thebes