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BioG 1440 Prelim 2

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1 / 224
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G-protein coupled receptor; largest group of receptor proteins;
1 polypeptide with 7 transmembrane alpha helixes with loops between each = binding sites; signaling molecule binds to outside of membrane while G protein binds to inside;
in cytoplasm, binds G protein and causes GTP to replace GDP: activation
Activated G protein diffuses down membrane and binds to enzyme for response;
one activates ONE pathway
Image: GPCR
an enzyme-linked transmembrane receptor protein;
portion in cytoplasm acts as tyrosine kinase = phosphorylates the amino acid tyrosine on a substrate protein;
inactivate monomers, signal binding --> dimerization;
phosphorylation of dimer by ATP fully activates --> activates more relay proteins for pathway
one can activate MANY pathways (due to relay proteins)