Hb Tx of Dz 1 Class 5 (Stroke Formulas)

30 terms by wackawackawacka

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AOMA Dr. He 2012

hua tan tong luo tang

formula for wind-phlegm and blood stasis blocking meridians?

tian ma gou teng yin

formula for liver yang rising- wind-fire upwardly disturbing?

zhen gan xi feng tang

formula for liver wind due to liver and kd yin xu?

xing luo cheng qi tang, da cheng qi tang, xiao cheng qi tang

formulas for phlegm-heat blocking fu organs - wind-phlegm upwardly distubing (stroke)?

ling jiao gou teng tang, an gong niu huang wan

formulas for phlegm-heat internally disturbing the clear orifices (closed yang type)?

su he xiang wan, di tan tang

formulas for phlegm-dampness misting the ming (closed yin type)?

shen fu tang

formula for collapse/desertion (flaccid yang type)?

sheng mai yin

formula for collapse/desertion (flaccid yin type)?

bu yang huan wu tang

formula for sequela of wind-stroke: qi xu and blood stasis?

zuo gui wan, di huang yin zi

formulas for sequela of wind-stroke; liver and kidney yin xu?

hua tan tong luo tang

formula for sudden motor dysfunction, difficulty talking - turbid phlegm manifesting as blood vessels blocked, blood stasis, reduced circulation, overweight, htn, sudden feeling of unilateral weakness and/or numbness. tongue pale red or purplish with white or thick white coat; pulse is slippery, wiry, choppy?

tian ma gou teng yin

formula for sudden motor dysfunction, hypertension, usually emotional upset raises the yang - HA, dizziness, bitter taste, irritable, stress, anger, dark urine, dry stool, thirst, tongue deep red, thin yellow coat, pulse is wiry, slippery?

zhen gan xi feng tang

formula for trembling limbs, vertigo - early stage, yin xu signs, dizziness vertigo, HA, tongue is deep red with minimal coat, may be trembling, pulse is wiry, rapid. may be due to aging or drug induced?

xing luo cheng qi tang (da cheng qi tang, xiao cheng qi tang)

formula for sudden motor dysfunction, overweight, constipation - alcohol, smoker, thirst, HA, dizziness, cough with phlegm thick and yellow, tongue is dark red or purple with thick, yellow greasy coating, pulse is slippery, wiry?

ling jiao gou teng tang

formula for sudden loss of consciousness, spasms, clenched - heavy wheezing, retention of stool/urine, red complexion, fever, hot to touch, tongue red with yellow slimy coating; pulse is rapid, wiry, slippery?

su he xiang wan, di tan tang

formula for loss of consciousness, flaccidity - cold limbs, clenched teeth convulsions, purple or dark face. tongue is pale purple with thick white coat; pulse is deep, slow and slippery?

shen fu tang

formula for LOC, cold limbs, profuse cold sweat, purplish face, minimal pulse?

sheng mai yin

formula for LOC, red face, sticky sweat, shallow irregular breaths, fast, fine pulse?

bu yang huan wu tang

formula for hemiplegia with loss of mobility on one side- usually in elderly, sob, fatigue or low energy, spontaneous sweating, pale face, palpitations, poor blood circulation, tongue is pale purplish, purple spots, congested under-vein, pulse is weak and choppy?

zuo gui wan, di huang yin zi

formula for paralysis of extremities, difficult speech - yin xu, possible trembling, numbness, tingling, tongue is thin, deep red with minimal or peeled coat, may be trembling or deviated; pulse is wiry, rapid or thready and rapid?

tian ma, xiang fu, da huang, dan shen, bai zhu, fu ling, ban xia, dan nan xing, tian zhu huang

herbs in hua tan tong luo tang to remove stasis, resolve phlegm, unblock meridians, extinguish liver wind?

tian ma, gou teng, shi jue ming, huang qin, zhi zi, niu xi, du zhong, sang ji sheng, fu shen, ye jiao teng, yi mu cao

herbs in tian ma gou teng yin to purge liver fire, suppress liver yang, dredge collaterals?

long gu, mu li, dai zhe shi, gui ban, bai shao, tian men dong, niu xi, yin chen hao, mai ya

herbs in zhen gan xi feng tang to tonify liver and kid yin, suppress liver yang, extinguish wind, dredge collaterals?

da huang, meng xiao, dan nan xing, gua lou

herbs in xing luo cheng qi tang to resolve phlegm, unblock the fu organs?

ling yang jiao, sheng di, mu dan pi, liu hua, xia ku cao, shi jue ming, chai hu, gui ban, bai shao, bo he, chan tui, da zao

herbs in ling jiao gou teng tang to clear heat, resolve phlegm, open the orifices, induce consciousness?

er chen tang, dan nan xing, zhu ru, zhi shi, shi chang pu, ren shen, sheng jiang, gan cao

herbs in su he xiang wan, di tan tang to warm the yang, resolve phlegm-dampness, induce consciousness, open the orifices?

ren shen, fu zi

herbs in shen fu tang?

ren shen, mai dong, wu wei zi

herbs in sheng mai yin?

huang qi, dang gui, chi shao, chuan xiong, tao ren, hong hua, di long

herbs in bu yang huan wu tang to tonify qi, invigorate blood, remove stasis?

sheng di, shan zhu yu, fu ling, shi fu, wu wei zi, mai dong, ba ji tian, rou cong rong, rou gui, fu zi, shi chang pu, yuan zi, sheng jiang, gan cao, da zao

herbs in zuo gui wan/ di huang yin zi

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