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Europe After the Fall of Rome: Early Medieval Art in the West

Chapter 16 in Gardner's 11th edition.

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Frankish looped fibula, Anglo-Saxon
Purse cover from the Sutton Hoo ship burial, Anglo-Saxon
Animal-head post, Anglo-Saxon/Viking Art
Wood-carved portal of the stave church, Anglo-Saxon
Man (symbol of Saint Matthew from the Book of Durrow), Hiberno-Saxon
Cross and carpet page of the Lindisfarne Gospels, Hiberno-Saxon
Chi-rho-iota page from the Book of Kells, Hiberno-Saxon
Saint Matthew from the Lindisfarne Gospels, Hiberno-Saxon
The scribe Ezra from the Codex Amiatinus, Hiberno-Saxon
High Cross of Ireland, Hiberno-Saxon
Equestrian portrait of Charlemagne, Carolingian
Saint Matthew from the Coronation Gospels ([Gospel Book of Charlemagne]), Carolingian
Saint Matthew from the Ebbo Gospels [Gospel Book of Archbishop Ebbo of Reims], Carolingian
Psalm 433 of Utrecht Psalter, Carolingian
Psalter of Charles the Bald, Carolingian
Lindau Gospels, Carolingian
ODO OF METZ, interior of the Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne, Carolingian
ODO OF METZ, restored plan of the Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne, Carolingian
Torhalle (gatehouse), Carolingian
Plan for a monastery at Saint Gall, Carolingian
Monastery church of Saint-Riquier, Ottonian
Abbey church of Saint Pantaleon, Ottonian
Longitudinal section and plan of Saint Michael's, Ottonian
Restored nave of Saint Michael's, Ottonian
Doors to St. Michael with relief panels, Ottonian, Bishop Bernward
Column reliefs illustrating the life of Christ, Ottonian
Gero Crucifix, Ottonian
Annunciation of the Shepherds from the Lectionary of Henry II, Ottonian
Otto III enthroned from the Gospel Book of Otto III, Ottonian